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Levi Ames "Interview Montage" animated short film

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https://www.facebook.com/leviamesart/ Made this animation back in 2012 when I was still at my first job in New Zealand working on shows for Nickelodeon. Made it on a small used laptop using Bishop 2.0 from Animation Mentor in my loft apartment. Wanted to see if I could make good animation decisions by myself at 24 years old. I was already feeling the limitations of following formulaic TV animation. This was an attempt to swing out of that. Proud of the effort. Put the playblasts on a demo reel and that was that. Then one day someone said in late 2017 "hey...you should light this thing" Gave it a thought, and thought "yeah, could look good" And cracked open the files that had been sitting in my hard drive for 5 years. I decided to leave the animation untouched from all those years to allow it to serve as a cool time capsule of where I was as an artist. I approached super ninja artist lighter Dan Konieczka if he would be interested in lighting this project. He said yes and was off to the races. Dude has elevated this thing to a pristine sheen. THANK YOU Dan! You are the man! This project is just as much yours now and is it mine. Enjoy folks! Directed and Animated by LEVI AMES Lighting by DAN KONIECZKA
Опубликовано 20 февраля 2018 г.
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