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Forge of Gods

Разместил(а) Анатолий Смирнов
FORGE OF GODS - epic card-battle RPG for Android! Gather your invincible squad from 600+ OF UNIQUE CREATURES and burst through hordes of enemies. Improve and EVOLVE your heroes, forge them to deadly GODS OF WAR! *Simple & tactical One tap to move your army and attack enemy hordes! Defeat bosses, capture enemy creature, gain rewards! *1.000.000 tactical combinations Over 600 different creatures with UNIQUE skills. Gather dreamteam that suits your style! *Fuse, upgrade, evolve! Level-up your creatures, sacrifice weakest to the strongest or evolve them to get a totally new warlord! *Epic PVP battles Prove yourself - defeat enemies in epic PvP-battles and get unique creatures! * New units and events every week!
Опубликовано 15 апреля 2015 г. - Категория Портфолио
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