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Having heard of them already

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    16 апреля 2021 г., 6:38:57 MSK

    Once the transports landed, Maximoff assisted in escorting civilians to the Lifeboats that ferried them aboard the flying aircraft carrier, keeping the women and children back until it was safe and ushering them on board alongside Barton. While Scarlet Witch fired energy blasts at the robots, Quicksilver ran into the battle but was accidentally grazed in the arm by a police officer despite the chief calling for the police to stop firing.

    Having heard of them already, he noted that he was saddened to hear of Wolfgang von Strucker's death then mocked the pair for their reaction to learning of their mentor's murder.  CCosplay  When Strucker became cornered by Captain America, he attempted to surrender. However, Maximoff snuck up behind Rogers and used her powers to throw him down the stairs. Spider Man Cosplay  In the confusion, Maximoff twins escaped from their holding cells and, though inexperienced, were able to use their powers to evade the Avengers and escape.