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The so-called "role distance"

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    16 апреля 2021 г., 4:49:34 MSK

    The so-called "role distance" includes those whose behaviors and qualities do not meet the role norms, such as unscrupulous soldiers and professors who do not match their real names, as well as those whose qualities are far above the role norms, such as those who are too talented. When a person does not assume a certain role, his behavior does not constitute role distance.

     Service personnel such as hotels and restaurants must avoid mixing up the two performances. Champion of Cosplay  In order for the characters to perform well, it is necessary to realize the cooperation between the characters, otherwise the mistake of a certain character may lead to the failure of the whole performance. Spider Man Costume  The role set includes two situations: 1. Multiple roles are concentrated on one person. For example, one person simultaneously assumes multiple roles such as mother, doctor, director, union member, and part-time professor.