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Intelligence provides more mana wow classic gold

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    18 июня 2019 г., 15:56:04 MSK

    Intelligence provides more mana wow classic gold, improved spell critical rating, and increases the speed at which your weapon skills are learned. For each point of intellect you receive 15 mana points. Some things have a value, such as one or two percent critical strike.

    Hunters, villains, and historians get one point of ranged attack power for a single point of agility.

    Paladins, druids, shamans, and warriors receive one percentage critical strike chance per 20 points. Hunters have to cover 53 points and Rogues 29 points. All courses except villains and hunters have to invest 20 points of agility to get a single percent parry opportunity. Rogues require 14.5 points of hunters and agility 26 points.

    Life regeneration is increased by willpower out of mana and combat regeneration. In battle, but the mana regeneration only begins after you have not cast a spell for five seconds. You then restore mana every 2 seconds. This mechanism is therefore also called the"five-second principle".

    There is also a fixed maneuver value ("Mp / 5") on a few bits of armor which will grant you mana in combat and can be deducted from your five-second rule. Just how much mana you restore elysium oroject nighthaven gold from class to class. Some classes have unique skills that increase the total amount of mana regeneration or even allow a portion of the mana regeneration to continue beyond the five-second rule.