3D and Cartoon Animation for Children's eBooks - up to $600 per

  • We create animated and movie eBooks for children that utilize a combination of animations and special interactions.

    We need to hire an artist for the modeling, animation, environment setup and export of mini-spots for each scene of an animated or movie book of 1 minute each.

    An example of the quality and the level of detail that we are looking for can be found in the Movie Books section at https://landoftales.com or within our free mobile apps (https://landoftales.com/get-app or search on the AppStore or the Google Play Store for “Land of Tales” by Zoomikon Press).


    For this level of quality, we commission our artists at up to $600 per minute of a finalized scene with animation, environment setup, postprocessing and export in a format ready to be used in our movie books. A typical scene output has: 60 seconds ; 1280x800 px ; 30 fps.


    Usually, we provide the artistic direction and the ready models of most of the story characters. For most of the scenes, the backgrounds/landscape/environment shall also be 3D models provided by us. Subject to expertise and preferences, 3D modeling might occasionally be required from you and will be paid separately.

    We would like to commission the artist(s) to do a test scene, the specification of which shall be discussed after review of your portfolio.

    We are happy to review your existing portfolio and detailed proposals for the approach and time/effort for achieving an animation product with a quality that is comparable to the examples above.

    Please send all applications to i-create@zoomikonpress.com

    Thank you!

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