The Prelude' mode enables you to start your basketball career n

  • We still have to wait a little bit longer before NBA 2K19 hits store shelves, but if you are looking to get your hands on the sport a bit early, it is possible to do this now -- and for free. NBA MT Coins: The Prelude is out now, and it lets you try out the start of the match's story-focused MyCareer mode.

    Available today as a free download, NBA 2K19: The Prelude includes entry to the first chapter of MyCareer, titled"The Best Way Back." It is somewhat different from some of the other story sports modes we've seen from the likes of Madden, FIFA, and even past 2K games, as it concentrates on a player originally grinding from the Chinese Basketball League.

    "As you develop your skills and gain recognition in China, the chance to return stateside comes once you receive an invitation to to play in the G League," 2K Games stated in a media release. "Through hard work and perseverance, your chance to play on the primary point in the NBA comes late in the season when a roster spot opens up"

    It's possible to see a teaser for the manner near the peak of the page. Your participant initially fights with the communications obstacle in China, dreaming of being drafted in the NBA in the center of matches, but soon recognized that he wants to"learn to creep" until he gets his big shot.

    We have loved what we've played NBA 2K19 thus much, with special praise reserved for the enhanced shot mechanics, as well as the newest"Takeover" system. You may anticipate our entire review in September.

    NBA 2K19 will bereleased on September 11 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC Buy 2K19 MT. The Switch version will include all the same modes as the other variants, and it is not a cut-down version of the sport, like we've seen with some other companies' sports names.

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