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Today’s kids are growing up in a world where smartphones are commonplace. In fact, the average teen will spend about nine hours every day with digital devices like smartphones, computers, and tablets. As a result, parents have been increasingly concerned about how much time their kids spend on their phones. If you are a parent concerned about how much time your kid spends on their phone or tablet, there are several ways you can help boost digital wellbeing while also monitoring their usage. You can set parental controls on your own phone or give your kid an old Android device with these same settings enabled. Then, you can install apps that monitor usage and block certain apps at certain times of the day to keep them from using your child’s device unsupervised. Here are 5 tips to boost digital wellbeing on your Android phone and parental controls to protect your teen from unsafe websites and other online dangers: MORE ON- https://megamodapk.com/nulls-clash-apk/